Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Online School Counseling Programs

Online School Counseling Programs are offered to anyone and it is subject to the code of conduct of counseling programs agencies.

In this context, relationship counseling in the code of ethics as a basis to guide the counselor and the client receives this online counseling service.

This section refers to the practices, rules and how to contact individual and group counseling as appropriate to the religion and customs.

1. In the counseling relationship, members should be aware of the relationship we form, respecting the client, and refrain from engaging in activities that meet the personal requirements of taking advantage of the client themselves. Members should be aware of and monitor so that the relationship does not violate custom and religion, and should take care of individual rights and personal dignity of the client in this regard.

2. The primary responsibility is to honor the integrity of welfare clients and assisted either individually or in groups

3. Members must be aware of the needs and rights of the client to choose the title negotiations. If the selection can not be made, the member must assist the client in choosing the title negotiations.

4. Relationship counseling as well as information obtained, should be regarded as confidential, in accordance with the responsibilities of being a professional. Counseling relationship records including interview notes, test data, correspondence, recordings and video cassettes and other documents, shall be treated as professional information used in the counseling process. This information should not be used as part of the record of the agency or institution where members work, unless specified by state law.

5. Using data derived from counseling relationships for training and research use, shall be limited to content that can hide the identity of the client. Members must ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the client with the best possible.

6. Before starting any counseling relationship, he/she shall notify the client about the goals, procedures and limitations are and what is expected to happen during the process of counseling is conducted. Tried all ways to help the client must be stated clearly to the client as well as the safety measures to be taken by members carefully.

7. When a client circumstances, at the discretion of the members, indicates clearly that the client themselves or others in danger, they need to use their own discretion, take action fairly, or informing the authorities. Consultation with other professionals may be made if deemed necessary.

8. If an individual has formed a relationship with a professional counseling others, members can not have contact with him without telling professional counseling last or first ensure that the relationship was terminated.

9. Members may choose to consult with other professionals as qualified consultant on a client. In an effort to choose a consultant, the team should not give rise to any conflict or influence consultants to help clients.

10. If members do not feel able to give a professional help to the client , it should not start a relationship counseling or end it as soon as possible. In the last situation, members must propose other options as appropriate. (Members should be aware that the reference sources that satisfy the selection can be made). If there is a situation where the client refuses to accept the proposed reference, membership is not responsible for continuing the relationship.

11. In circumstances where a member has a certain affinity with those who request services, such as administration and relations involving oriented evaluation, it can not be even the counselor shall refer to other professionals, but if not there are other options that can be made.

12. Specific relationships such as relatives, friends or good emotional relationship/selks the client will affect members' professionals from consideration and objectives. This situation must be avoided or relationship counseling shall be determined and referred clients to other qualified professionals.

13. Members should try to observe a clear relationship counseling to members that if the client does not gain any benefit from such a relationship.

14. In an atmosphere of group counseling relationship, a member shall be responsible to take measures precautions to protect individuals from any physical or psychological harassment as a result of interactions in the cluster.

15. In conducting group counseling, member or counselor shall constitute the norms of secrecy about what has been expressed by the participants in the group.

16. Members are encouraged to sift and weigh the first group of participants, particularly if the emphasis is made ​​on the understanding of group self can lead to self- disclosure. Members should be aware of the progress and vision lifelong cluster group participants.

17. If a member is involved in the operation of short-term group counseling or group of marathon training programs and etc, may be to ensure the availability of professional assistance during and after the group held.

18. If members are in work which requires modifications be just above statement, the members shall be responsible to consult with other professionals when necessary to consider a more perfect choice.

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